Commercial Property, Leases and Land

Looking for Commercial Property, Leases and Land Advice at a fixed rate? Look no further.

Most businesses need premises at some point, and need to either lease, buy, or sell and if leasing, deal with Landlords. These are not things you want to, or should deal with on your own. In addition there are a number of other things that you may need help with from time to time, such as licences to occupy, easements, wayleaves, overage, litigation, and agricultural affairs.

There are an enormous number of lawyers out there who will offer to help you. Some are better than others, and some are cheaper than others. Here at FixLegal we take the view that most businesses need a mix of the two – an excellent lawyer for a sensible price. 

Our panel of solicitors are carefully selected for quality, using our knowledge of the legal marketplace. Better still, they will offer fixed fees wherever possible, and because each panel member knows there are others quoting, you will get the best price available.

For a no obligation quote to deal with your particular need, use FixLegal now:

Commercial lease solicitors specialise in commercial leases or as some like to call them commercial tenancy agreements, but FixLegal panel members operate in all areas of legal work in the commercial property sphere, such as commercial rent reviews, dilapidations, and others.