Company Law, Partnerships and Business

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When lawyers refer to company law and corporate law, they are often talking about buying or selling companies, or part of them. This area of law includes partnership law, and all other legal entities which can trade in law. As well as buying and selling, this area of law covers the day to day running of any business which is governed by internal and external rules.

Until you become familiar with the terminology and the rules, it can seem difficult to follow.  No doubt there are complex aspects of company law and corporate law, but for many businesses they are looking for practical advice on more mainstream issues.

There are an enormous number of company law solicitors out there who will offer to help you. Some are better than others, and some are cheaper than others.  Here at FixLegal we take the view that most businesses need a mix of the two – an excellent lawyer for a sensible price.  

Our panel of solicitors are carefully selected for quality, using our knowledge of the legal marketplace.  Better still, they will offer fixed fees wherever possible, and because each panel member knows there are others quoting, you will get the best price available.

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The sorts of work that fall in to this areas of law are extremely broad, but by way of example include mergers and acquisitions, share sales and purchases, business and assets sales and purchases, funding investments, joint ventures and business ownership structures, exit and succession planning, reorganisations, banking and company formation, closure and governance.

Let our panel of experts, whether partnership solicitors specialising in partnership law, commercial solicitors specialising in commercial contract law, or any other kind of business partnership or business arrangement help you.  FixLegal can find you the right advice at the right price.