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Whilst company and corporate law is more concerned with the internal and external governance of a business, commercial law is a term used to describe the other day to day legal affairs and issues that businesses face whilst trading.

This is an extremely broad subject area which is difficult to describe exhaustively, but the more common enquiries relate to commercial contracts of various types, including IT contracts.  We describe below some of these areas but if you are looking for help in any area of commercial law, FixLegal can help.  Usually businesses are looking for practical no-nonsense help at a price that is sensible.

There are an enormous number of lawyers out there who will offer to help you. Some are better than others, and some are cheaper than others.  Here at FixLegal we take the view that most businesses need a mix of the two – an excellent lawyer for a sensible price.  

Our panel of solicitors are carefully selected for quality, using our knowledge of the legal marketplace.  Better still, they will offer fixed fees wherever possible, and because each panel member knows there are others quoting, you will get the best price available.

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The risk here is that by further describing examples of where contract solicitors can help, this is seen as limiting - so please be assured that what follows are purely examples.  FixLegal can help with Agency and distribution agreements, franchising, joint ventures, collaboration agreements, consultancy agreements, lease hire and maintenance agreements, reseller agreements, licences, IPR assignments, sponsorship, supply of goods and services, terms if business, and many, many more.

By way of example of the breadth of this area of law, lawyers do like to specialise in narrow areas of law so whilst you will hear of people referring to themselves as IP lawyers, or Intellectual Property Lawyers, the reality is that they are commercial lawyers who spend more time dealing with intellectual property as the subject matter of their contracts.  The bones of the documents they are working on are typical commercial contracts.  

It is perhaps fair to say that patent lawyers are more specialised, as the rules regarding patentability are specific and require an in-depth knowledge, but the agreements that deal with the assignment of rights or licensing of patents are essentially commercial contracts of the type that your typical contract lawyer would work on.

By contrast most contract lawyers would not label themselves as terms and conditions solicitors as this would be too narrow to describe their skill-set. Regardless of the label that they give themselves, or the label that you give them, FixLegal can help find you the right advice at the right price.