Employment Law

Need legal advice on Employment Law? FixLegal sources the best advice at a fixed price

However hard businesses work to look after employees, there are times when what the employer needs and what the employee can offer, are different. Also employees can take action which employers do not agree with, or have a different view of events. Sometimes, unexpected things happen and need dealing with in a sensitive, but efficient manner.

Any employee issue can be distracting from the main business operation, and usually a quick resolution is the best.  Most businesses want advice that is easy to understand and follow.

There are an enormous number of lawyers out there who will offer to help you. Some are better than others, and some are cheaper than others.  Here at FixLegal we take the view that most businesses need a mix of the two – an excellent lawyer for a sensible price.  

Our panel of solicitors are carefully selected for quality, using our knowledge of the legal marketplace.  Better still, they will offer fixed fees wherever possible, and because each panel member knows there are others quoting, you will get the best price available.

For a no obligation quote to deal with your particular need, use FixLegal now:

Business can be too busy for all the work you need to do sometimes, and whilst you may have the expertise you may not have the time to draft employment contracts, write HR policies or handbooks. If so, why not get a fixed price from one of our panel members to do this?

Whether your issue is discrimination, bullying, harassment, redundancy, grievance, or anything else, FixLegal has access to excellent employment solicitors. Employment law advice needn’t be complicated nor costly – you just need to know where to go.

If you are heading to a tribunal and need assistance, FixLegal can connect you with employment tribunal solicitors who can guide you efficiently and smoothly through the process.

Alternatively if you just need help with general employment advice, FixLegal can find the right advice at the right price.