Insolvency and Business Recovery

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Insolvency law and business recovery are the part of company law that deals with businesses that have gone, or are about to go, bust. Directors must appoint an administrator or liquidator once they believe that a business cannot meet its financial obligations. In practice it is not easy to define when this occurs, and as a result a business can trade whilst technically insolvent.

Equally, if you are trading with a business that is not paying its invoices, or worse one of your customers or suppliers has appointed an administrator or liquidator, you may want advice how to best deal with that in order to protect your position.

Potentially you are a business in financial difficulties, but essentially a good business going through a temporary issue that needs practical advice on business recovery options.  For these and other legal issues you won’t want to spend a fortune, but you will want great advice.

There are an enormous number of lawyers out there who will offer to help you. Some are better than others, and some are cheaper than others.  Here at FixLegal we take the view that most businesses need a mix of the two – an excellent lawyer for a sensible price.  

Our panel of solicitors are carefully selected for quality, using our knowledge of the legal marketplace.  Better still, they will offer fixed fees wherever possible, and because each panel member knows there are others quoting, you will get the best price available.

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Insolvency Law solicitors can help you find a way through a difficult trading period.  Commercial insolvency is never easy to deal with in business and is an unwelcome distraction which can be difficult to grapple with, but with insolvency solicitors at your side this can be easier.  

Insolvency practitioners seem to have powers that the rest of mankind can only dream of, and are usually well advised by solicitors appointed by them, but paid for by the company in the insolvency process.  Accordingly any questions you raise which require legal intervention will reduce the amount available to creditors. As a result any legal challenges should be made carefully and ideally having sought expert advice.  Let us help you find the right advice at the right price.