Motoring Offences

Need advice about a Motoring Offence? ...and quickly - we can find you the advisor you need for the problem you have, at a sensible price.

FixLegal is a fresh new approach for people seeking legal advice. We have a panel of lawyers and experts that provide fixed fee quotes to you on our website. Your details and the panel member’s details are anonymised until you accept a quote and wish to be introduced.

Provide your details once, and have multiple panel members quote for your work. You get certainty of the fees that you will pay, and you will get the best available price because each panel member knows that others are also quoting for your work.

If you need advice over the phone we can do that too. (personal only – not business)

We all try to drive sensibly but occasionally things happen that we didn’t plan and sometimes the consequences can be life changing. At times like these you may well need help from motoring offence solicitors who know exactly how to handle the situation. Not all motoring offences are the same and each requires its own consideration.

For all driving offences - whether the charge is driving without due care and attention, drink driving, driving whilst under the influence of drugs, speeding, using a mobile phone, tachograph offences, driving without tax or insurance, or any other driving offence, the FixLegal panel consists of motoring solicitors, motoring lawyers and barristers that will provide you with a quote. You can choose which one best suits your needs.

Road traffic offences are surprisingly common and having a road traffic solicitor to help guide you through the process and if you choose, to represent you at court, may help put your mind at rest. Why not use FixLegal to start your selection of traffic lawyers from the range of advisors on the FixLegal panel.