Personal Injury

Need help with a Personal Injury claim? Our Panel of lawyers can help

Provide details of your accident and injury and we will pass these details on to one of our panel members who will contact you directly.

There is no doubt that if you have been injured by the negligence of another person, whether that is an accident at work, asbestos claim, a road traffic accident or any other personal injury and have suffered as a result, you should be entitled to compensation. Similarly if you have been attacked you should be entitled to claim compensation from the criminal injuries compensations authority.

To that end, we have a panel of solicitors and injury lawyers that undertake a range of legal work for us and some of them handle personal injury claims. However, for reasons that we will explain below, we do not encourage personal injury claims – all we provide is a way of you contacting a panel solicitor to see whether you have a claim, and for you both to pursue this accordingly. If you wish to contact a solicitor, please use this form and whatever information you provide will be passed on.

Why will we not offer our usual service for personal injury?

For one, the law prohibits the referral of a PI claim to a solicitor in return for a fee.

For two, this is for good reason – the practice of solicitors’ firms paying referral fees for PI claims led to claims farming which has been one of the most irritating creations of the modern age. The problem as we see it is that the referral fees were just too generous – it became an attractive business. Whiplash claims became so common that whiplash compensation shot through the roof, with injury lawyers jumping at the chance to handle accident claims.

It got to the stage where personal injury solicitors were paying in the region of £600 or more for a case that resulted in £1200 fees. This just defies common sense, and the cost of buying business on this basis is too high – it created a business more profitable than the underlying legal work.

What it did though was to push up the cost of motor insurance, although the biggest irony here is that motor insurers are driving this behaviour (if you will excuse the pun). Most insurers treated the practice of claims farming a useful revenue stream to off-set their claims costs. Provided you have more innocent drivers than your competitors this makes some kind of sense. However it does make it difficult to complain of rising claims costs whilst at the same time encouraging the behaviour that results in increased costs. Whiplash claims have soared as they are difficult to disprove and easily accepted by the courts.

The other unintended consequence was the creation of no-win-no-fee arrangements which the government introduced when legal aid all but disappeared. What this did was to allow claimants solicitors to recover more in fees from the negligent party, than was previously the case. However, one of the biggest negligent parties in the country was the NHS, so in effect the government had achieved a cost reduction by eliminating legal aid, but then increased the cost of claims against one of its key departments.

For these reasons something had to change and the ban on referral fees is the solution. Or is it? Just have an accident in your car and see how long it takes before you get a call – is this a sign that referral fees have been banned and solving the problem? Clearly something has not worked, but at least we can say that referral fees have been banned.

So, if you have a valid claim by all means seek compensation, but please don’t encourage the ambulance chasers.

Fixlegal does not receive fees or any other payment for information passed on to panel firms.