In House

We can help in-house lawyers manage and reduce legal spend.

Panel firm selection is usually carefully conducted with a keen focus on hourly rates, quality criteria and added value benefits.

Work distribution can often be less structured, and can result in uneven distribution amongst panel firms.

FixLegal can help address this. Using FixLegal In-House allows you to offer your legal work on a case-by-case basis to firms that you choose, so that they can provide you with fixed fee options where appropriate and other innovative billing models which may better suit your business.

FixLegal uses procurement techniques to ensure that your advisers offer you the very best rates and billing models that are available at that time. Each of your panel firms will inevitably react differently to work requests depending on their workload, capacity and team performance to date. FixLegal's In-House process leverages this to your benefit, so that you are not just stuck with the same old hourly rate.

So, where you have a panel of external advisers, or have negotiated hourly rates you may not need our introduction service, but you may find that we can still help manage your legal spend.

Sign-up today to our in-house service.

How does it work? (Customers)

  1. Create a FixLegal Legal Service Provider In-house account.
  2. Log in to FixLegal and then create a Request for Work (RFW).
  3. Describe the legal support you are looking for and provide enough information to enable Legal Service Providers to provide an accurate quote.
  4. Define the criteria that you will use to evaluate quotes.
  5. Set the timescales as appropriate for the tender exercise that you are performing.
  6. When quotes are in, you will be notified. Evaluate them according to your published criteria and either:
    1. Reject all responses and end the RFW; or
    2. Accept one response and notify the suppliers of the outcome; or
    3. Notify each supplier of their current ranked position and ask if they wish to amend their quote and/or ask for clarification.
  7. If 6c above applies you will be notified when revised quotes are in. Evaluate these and either:
    1. Reject all responses and end the tender; or
    2. Accept one response and inform suppliers of the outcome.

How does it work ? (Suppliers)

Create a FixLegal In-house accountLog-in to FixLegal and then log in to the Request for Work (RFW) number that has been emailed to you, together with the RFW password.Respond to the RFW as completely as you can.Ask any questions which are necessary in order for you to submit your response. Questions from all suppliers and any answers to those questions will be visible to all.Respond to any additional requests from the customer.You will be notified of the outcome at RFW award stage.