Legal Service Providers

Today's consumers and businesses are sophisticated and cost conscious. In order to deliver best value and quality for them, different types of legal service providers are required to meet different needs.

Whether you are practising within a law firm, at the Bar, as a freelance adviser, or as a licensed conveyancer, there are consumers and businesses that are looking for your expertise.

FixLegal works with progressive quality advisers that are willing to work on a fixed fee basis wherever possible, in order to provide outstanding legal services at a price that is visible. If that sounds like you, work with us – create an account today.

How does it work?

FixLegal has a broad range of clients looking for legal advice. Most of these are looking for fixed fee quotes. If you wish to start working with FixLegal and offer quotes to these clients please sign up as a Legal Service Provider. FixLegal charge an introduction fee to the user, or to you (as agreed in advance) at the point of introduction. Introduction Fees are a percentage of the fees, usually 7.5% subject to a minimum fee of £50. No fee is charged for personal injury claims. As part of the sign-up process, you can select which areas of work you are interested in receiving client requests from.

How does the Interaction with the client work?

You will be emailed with the information collected by FixLegal as provided by the client, together with the allocated enquiry number. Each enquiry is anonymised. Your responses will also be anonymised. If you do not wish to quote for that enquiry please decline it, and explain why. If you wish to quote please provide your quote, or if you require additional information, post any questions against the enquiry. The client will respond to any questions and all information will be visible to all persons quoting for that work. Enquiries are time limited (usually 24 hours). Once that time limit has expired the client will be notified of all quotations, and the client will be asked to choose one. On selection by the client an introduction is made and each party's contact details will be provided to the other. The introduction fee is due at that point, payable by the client, but in some circumstances we may ask you to collect this on our behalf.