Telephone Advice Line

Advice on any personal legal matter within the UK. 

Deal with legal issues on your own with help from us.

Choose a specialist adviser with our help.

We explain:

  • what your rights are 
  • options available to you 
  • how best to implement each option

For just £5 per month* we provide you with unlimited access to the Telephone Advice Line to provide help when you need it.

* £5 per month, with a one-time setup fee of £20 - minimum 12 month commitment.

Lines open Mon-Fri 8am - 8pm, Sat 9am-2pm.

Examples of recent advice:

  • Disputes concerning the purchase, repair or servicing of a vehicle,
  • Problems with your employer regarding a breach of your employment rights,
  • Boundary disputes,
  • Motoring offences, penalty points and disqualification,
  • Matrimonial disputes and child access issues,
  • Duties of an executor when administering an estate